Ordering Resume

Q. When Can I Get My Order Done?

A. Effective application document requires a detailed research of a specific industry and a position you are applying to. Thus, ResumArea needs from 3 to 5 days for all necessary preparations and creating the document fully correspondent to your requirements and satisfying all demands of any client.

Q. Who Will Write the Ordered Resume?

A. After your payment is submitted, your order with provided personal information and specific demands is redirected to the team of specialists. ResumArea has a team of professional writers with degrees in various fields. So, the work will be done by the specialist of our resume service, who has appropriate knowledge and experience in the field of demanded industry.

Q. What Career Level to Choose?

A. There are 3 levels of resumes. The entry level is chosen when you are at the beginning of your career ladder. It’s the level for candidates who have just graduated or are still students, or whose work experience is under 2 years. The required annual salary gap for this level is $20000 – $30000. The next level is professional and requires from 2 to 15 years of work experience. These candidates can demand an annual salary from $30000 to $80000. If your work experience exceeds 15 years, you can choose the executive level resume. The demanded salary is about $90000 a year.

Q. What Is the Format of the Resume?

A. We provide resumes in any appropriate format from the next list: scanned, web or electronic. Nowadays the hiring process is optimized, so HR managers use special scanners and filters. Thus, you are required to provide a correctly scanned version of the resume or CV. For online necessities, you will need an electronic version. With a web version of the resume, you can be more creative and use more attractive form.

Q. Is There Any Difference between CV and Resume?

A. The major difference is in the level of detail. All main parts of this self-presentation are different in these documents. In a resume, you provide only a short description of your characteristics, experience, and skills. Also, it’s no more than 2 pages. While Curriculum Vitae gives more detailed information about your education and work experience. This document should be more than 2 pages.

Q. Can I See Any Samples of Your Writings?

A. ResumArea has an example page where we demonstrate samples of our work. There you can find resume and cover letter samples written by the specialists currently employed in our company.

Q. How Do I Know if the Order Is Submitted?

A. After your payment is submitted, an email is sent to you with all personal information to log in your personal cabinet. In the field “My Orders” you can check the state of all your orders.

The Process

Q. Do You Provide Revision?

A. As our team is working towards meeting all requirements and demands of the client, Resumarea provides a revision of the written resumes or CVs. You have 7 days to you to require a revision after the written document is sent.

Q. What if the Written Resume Doesn’t Meet My Requirements? Do You Have a Refund Policy?

A. We work to provide the service on the highest level. That is why you can ask for revision till you get a document that fully corresponds to your necessities.

Q. Do You Need My Previous Resume?

A. When you provide personal information to our website, you can upload your existing resume. This will give more details to our writers and will help to provide the best service to you.

Security, Confidentiality, Guarantees

Q. How Do Your Guarantee the Safety of My Personal Data?

A. Resumarea uses highly secure SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol to process your order. In such way, we guarantee the safety of your credit card and personal info. No third party has access to this information.

Q. Can You Guarantee Me Invitations to Job Interviews?

A. We can guarantee writing a professional resume that will increase a probability of being invited to interviews. In your turn, you are required to send it to numerous employees and submit them online.