Terms and Conditions

1. Terms

1.1. ‘Agreement’ represents the existing terms and conditions.

1.2. ‘Company’ denotes the organization, which provides the client with resume writing services provided according to the present agreement.

1.3. ‘Client’ denotes a person making an order of a writing service from the company.

1.4. ‘Writer’ is the freelancer, who cooperates with the company providing writing services to clients under the agreed conditions.

1.5. An ‘Order’ stands for an electronic application from the client for the writing service for creating a personalized resume product and/or associated service.

1.6. A ‘Product’ denotes an electronic document in an appropriate format corresponding to the requirements discussed in the order.

1.7. A ‘Product Revision’ stands for an edited version of the written document made on client’s request.

1.8. ‘Support or Support Team’ is a department of the company whose obligation is assisting and managing the order procedures.

2. Order Process

2.1. Order Placement. Confirming the order the client takes responsibility for writing in the real and updated personal and contact data. Invalid phone number and/or e-mail address can cause difficulties resulting in not realizing of the present agreement. The client takes all responsibility for any inconsistencies caused by such misinformation.

2.2. Provided information. The client has to provide full personal information submitting it in special fields of the ordering form. Only comprehensive information makes it possible for the writer to create the effective resume.

2.3. Instructions. The client takes responsibility for making clear and comprehensive instructions and providing them in a due time. In case the client requests the revision, the previous order requirements can’t be changed. If the client fails the order or revision request process, the company doesn’t take responsibility for the performance of guarantees.

2.4. The selection of the resume level. In case the client failed to choose the appropriate level for the resume, he is completely responsible for this mistake. If the client notices the mistake during the order process, he needs to contact the Support to get assistance. The client should consider that the chosen resume level influences the resulting price of his order.

2.5. Writer obligation. When the writer with a specialization in the requested field takes the order, he contacts the client in case of previous agreement. The client also can contact the writer using e-mail messages in the discussed time. All necessary agreements are conducted via the Support Team or Live Chat.

2.6. Client obligation. The client takes responsibility for checking the messages sent to his e-mail containing any information about updates or changes from the writer or the Support Team.

3. Delivery/Downloading Policy

3.1. ResumArea doesn’t take responsibility for the delivering problems that are out of its control. The Support Team is available anytime, so the client will get the answer letter within 12 hours after the question letter was sent.

3.2. If the written document is delivered on time, the company isn’t responsible for any possible downloading problems caused by the client. The client needs to pay for the provided service in full, as the company takes responsibility for payment to the writer.

3.3. The customer will receive the order within 3-5 business after they send all necessary data regarding their order to ResumArea and covers 100% of the payment.

4. Revision Policy

4.1. Revision is a free service at Resumarea.com offered by the company to make sure that the client is satisfied with the ordered product. If the customer doesn’t apply for product revision within seven-day period, the company doesn’t grant any free revisions.

4.2. ResumArea company is authorized to decline and limit the revision request for cases such as, but not limited to, evident abuses of the revision opportunity, returning of the order without any reason, alteration of the initial order details.

4.3. The number of revisions is limited to three and any additional required changes will be observed as a new editing service.

4.4. In case the customer’s request for the revision violates the initial instruction, Resumarea is authorized to decline it. If the request complies with the mentioned, original guidelines our specialist will revise it 100% free.

4.5. Because the services provided by ResumArea are rendered exclusively in digital formats and consequently cannot be physically returned to the writer, who have crafted the document, our fees are non-refundable.

4.6. In case of the error in billing, ResumArea will refund the money and handle the situation as soon as possible. This can happen if the customer accidentally sends the payment multiple times or purchases the wrong type of document.

5. Cancellation Policy

5.1. ResumArea cannot provide a full refund if the client decided to cancel their order. Once the client commits to the order, they automatically acknowledge that the Company’s employee will start working with your document immediately (e.g. booking the consultation, choosing the appropriate format, submitting the data, etc.)

5.2. In case the client has an appropriate reason to cancel the order, ResumArea suggest checking our cancellation policy immediately:

  • ResumArea will deduct 10% from the refund amount if the cancellation was performed 24 hours after purchase of the service.
  • ResumArea will deduct 50% from the refund amount if the cancellation was performed 48 hours after purchase of the service.
  • In case of cancellation after the document was sent to the customer is impossible.

If the cancellation was performed according to our policy, the customer will receive the money within 30 days.

6. Termination

6.1. ResumArea has the right to cancel the paid order or reset the deadline if the client doesn’t cooperate resulting in failure of order completion. Also, the company is free to reject the order if the client is suspected of fraudulent activity. The refund isn’t guaranteed in case of the described circumstances. Each ambiguous case is carefully considered and the solution is made depending on all known factors.

6.2. ResumArea has the right to discontinue the work with the client if he or she starts acting inappropriately. This includes any kind of abusive and/or aggressive behavior towards any ResumArea staff member.

7. Complaints

7.1. ResumArea makes an effort to respond to all correspondence (this includes Complaints) within 48 hours after receiving it. In case the customer has any complaints regarding the work of the Company, they should send them in a written form to the Managing Director of the service.

7.2. It should be mentioned that resume writing is not an exact science. Thus, the views of the Company may vary from those of a client. ResumArea has a vast experience in resume, CV, cover letter, and LinkedIn writing. Thus, as soon as the client submits an order, they acknowledge our ability to provide a professional expertise and deliver a high-quality document. This also means that the writing fees often cannot be refunded. ResumArea never utilizes templates or reuses the material used for previous orders. As a result, the job of each resume writer is authentic and cannot be used repeatedly.

7.3. After making an order with ResumArea, all customers should be aware of our terms and conditions. This also means that the client should respect the work of the assigned writer and make use of their knowledge and expertise. If the client shows any sign of disrespect towards the writer, the Company may terminate the order without refunding the cost of the service.

8. Amendments

8.1. ResumArea may change the existing agreement with no notification of the client. Thus, the client is fully responsible for controlling the information in the present agreement for possible changes regularly, as all modifications are displayed on this webpage.

9.2. The made agreement about the order made between both sides can’t be changed unless both parties signed the new agreement that corresponds to the terms and conditions. The agreement represents all discussed conditions and requirements, in written or verbal form, made between both parties.