Privacy Policy

Every client is required to read the current information about privacy statement of our company to have a clear understanding of your personal details’ usage by our Сompany. This Privacy Policy is written to give you an explanation why and what for you are providing us with your personal info.

The Data You Give

Visiting ResumArea website, the program registers your domain name, address and IP address automatically. The other information about your web surfing is also saved. The type of used browser, the pages you visit with the duration are registered. You should not worry, as this information gives no personal details of the client making any identification impossible.

Applying for our service you have to provide your personal info, contact and credit card details, professional experience and skills, and your current career goals. Our resume writing company doesn’t need any specific information, so any questions about your religion, race or political preferences will not be asked.

Our Сompany doesn’t provide any service to children under 13. Thus we don’t save any personal data about people who have not reached this age. For protecting the privacy of such visitors of our website, we automatically delete all information of this type.

How the Information is Used

Information about your online searching, such as IP address, the type of used browser, sites and duration of the visit is used for gathering statistics. Our company needs this information in order to:

  • react to the clients’ inquiries;
  • make the demanded service available;
  • provide quick and professional service to our clients.

The main feature of our Company is a responsible attitude to personal data. This means that no third parties have any access to the personal info of our clients at any circumstances. According to our Privacy Policy, your data, such as contact, payment, and personal details, is highly secured according to the latest technologies.

Your credit card number is used by our website to process the order. You can read any extra information about the usage of personal data at the web page of our Terms and Conditions. As a client, you take all the responsibility for reading this information before making an order. Our Company never shares any personal data with third parties.

Cookie Policy

A file stored on your hard drive of the browser is named a “cookie”. Resumarea website uses cookies to recognize our visitors and regular users. This is done to optimize the experience of each client while browsing the website. Additionally, this allows Resumarea team develop our site. If you continue browsing our website, this automatically means you agree with our Cookie Policy.

Use of Cookies

The types of cookies used by Resumarea website include:

Essential cookies. These files are required for proper work of by Resumarea website. They are inseparable from site’s system and allow it function properly.

Analytical cookies. This type of cookies allows the Company analyze and count our visitors. It helps the system recognize each particular visitor and see how they navigate through Resumarea website. Thanks to these cookies we can improve the work of the Website and guarantee that all visitors are able to find what they were looking for.

Functionality cookies. If you visit the website multiple times, these cookies will help us recognize you. thanks to this feature Resumarea will be able to personalize your experience and ensure your preferences are met (e.g. your language, location).

Targeting cookies. Thanks to these cookies it is possible to analyze your visits, your preferred pages, and followed links. This is done to make the website and displayed information relevant to your preferences. There is a possibility that this information will be shared with third parties in order to optimize user experience.

Third Party Cookies

These cookies are often carry targeting, analytical or performance function. It should be taken into account that third parties may use cookies too and Resumarea has no control over those files.

Possibility to Block Cookies

It is possible to disable cookies in your browser settings completely to deny partial access to your browser. It should be mention that those users who choose to block cookies may encounter problems while browsing Resumarea website as some of them are essential for the website work.

While some cookies will be gone from your system after you leave the website, those essential for continuous use of our website will remain until you delete them from your browser or after the expiration date.

Cookie Policy Update

This policy may be changed later on to guarantee it does not interfere with legal privacy requirements or Resumarea general privacy practices.

In case the Cookie Policy is updated, all regular users will be notified, however, it is strongly suggested to check this policy from time to time in case Resumarea has no means to contact you directly. All visitors can access the latest version of our Cookie Policy on this page.

If you need additional information regarding our cookie policy, you can use “Contact Us” page.

Online Transactions

When you decide to choose our website and provided service, you will be required to give the details of your credit card. The protocol of Secure Sockets Layer provides licensed and reliable transactions of your payments. It prevents the details of your credit card from any frauds or usage by any third parties.

Privacy Policy Can Be Changed

According to the reserved right of Resumarea Company, the current privacy statement can be changed without warning the clients. That is why it’s highly recommended for you to check the information mentioned on this page regularly to stay informed and detect any changes. With any possible questions, you should contact our Support Team.

Contact Us

If you still have any misunderstandings, questions or recommendations according to the current Privacy Policy, any sections of the website or services of ResumaArea, you can feel free to contact the support service.