About Us


Our company ResumArea is here for you to present all our knowledge and experience in the sphere of resume writing. A work search is a difficult process, so candidates need professional and timely assistance. That is why our dedicated team of specialists is working every day to create the best presentation document for each of our clients. You may be sure that any new task is unique and is done with a personal approach. Our professional resume writers understand the importance of their work, so they are always responsible for the best result. In such way, you get specialized writing help that increases your chances of being noticed and invited for an interview.

We show our interest in your job-search and success, so choose our company to get the resume that will become the beginning of your new life.

Quality against Rush

We appreciate each client and his desire to get the best result. This means that we take responsibility for writing your resume or CV on the highest level that rejects rush. A flat amount is paid for a quality document, but not for the time the writer spends.

Reasonable Prices for Excellent Service

The service of Resumarea is provided to clients at a reasonable price that corresponds to the importance of your self-presentation. If you understand the meaning of the first impression made by your resume, you are ready to pay a fairly affordable price.

No General Templates

Our resume writers don’t use any standard samples. So, you may be sure that your resume is professionally written according to your personal features and particular job requirements.

Extra Service for Your Job Search

Along with presenting a professional resume writing service to our clients, ResumArea provides customers with useful articles in job search & career related blog. Our customers get helpful recommendations and tips according to their professional life. We also create cover letters and thank you letters, which are of the same importance.

Resume that Increases Your Chances for Interviews

Our work is aimed on providing result-oriented resumes that not only attract hiring managers’ attention, but also make you get the desirable position. Years of dedicated work and experience result in creation well-organized and effective business documents. The professionalism of our writers has created a service with almost 100% level of satisfied clients.

Professional and Up-to-date Service

The working team of Resumarea is always following the latest trends in industries and job-search spheres. That is why we are always ready to please the most demanding requirements of a particular HR manager. Be sure that your strengths will be described professionally to make the most noticeable resume.

Free Revision

The result of our work is your satisfaction. That is why we are ready to revise the resume if you see any inaccuracies. You have 7 days to check the written resume for any inconsistencies to job requirements and apply for free revision. In such way, we show that we are responsible for our work and are always ready to meet your necessities with all possible professionalism.

Your Personal Info is Protected

Any of your personal information, such as contact details and credit card info, will never be disclosed. This data is highly protected from any third parties by using the latest technologies of encryption. It’s only our Company that uses your personal data to provide the best-personalized service.

The mission of Resumarea is to help you make the first and the most important step in your job search. So, order our trustworthy resume writing service and be ready to get the career of your dream right now.